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Choosing a home loan

7th Oct 2020  ·  2 minute read

Home loans come with so many options these days that it is worthwhile taking a look at the features of each loan to see which one suits your specific needs. Offset account – the ability to save surplus funds within a separate…

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13th Apr 2021  ·  4 minute read

This one simple tip could save your home from water damage

An unassuming, inexpensive plumbing kit item is the culprit behind thousands of dollars in water damage to Australian homes. Escaped water from a burst braided flexible hose can cause significant damage, leave a home unliveable,…

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4th Jan 2021  ·  3 minute read

money saving tips

Let’s face it: some people are just better at saving than others. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve or get to where you need to go via a different route Ever noticed that some…

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8th Oct 2020  ·  2 minute read  ·  Your first home


Becoming a guarantor for your children or family member may allow you to help a loved one achieve their financial goal of owning their own home. You can become a guarantor by using the equity…

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21st Jul 2020  ·  2 minute read

Online Security

To guard against unauthorised online transactions, we’ve provided some guidelines on how you can keep your money safe when using your Visa card, phone banking, internet banking and moneytree. It’s important to ensure that you keep…

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14th Jul 2020  ·  2 minute read

How to budget your money with the 50/20/30 guideline.

Whether you're a parent with two kids or a recent college grad working your first job, our 50/20/30 guideline can help you assess your budget. Our guideline breaks your budget down into three buckets (rather than…

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13th Jul 2020  ·  1 minute read

How to check your year to date interest earned

How to check your year to date interest earned. You can check the amount of interest you earnt throughout the financial year both through Internet Banking and our moneytree app. Here’s how: Internet Banking Login using your…

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25th Jun 2020  ·  3 minute read

managing finances post covid

YFW Guide: How to Manage your Finances in a Post COVID world. Far be it from us to jump the gun, but there appears to be the faintest glimmer of cool, white, sanitised light at the…

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17th Jun 2020  ·  2 minute read

Home Loan bridging loan

What is a bridging loan? Have you found yourself in a position where you have found your next property before you have sold your existing one? This is where we can help bridge the gap. A…

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16th Jun 2020  ·  1 minute read

What is Fringe Benefits Tax?

While fringe benefits do not form part of your assessable income, the ‘grossed-up’ value of fringe benefits may be included in a broader definition of ‘income’ when determining your eligibility for certain government benefits and…

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16th Jun 2020  ·  2 minute read

The superannuation lifecycle.

This detailed article comments on investments that can be held within super and outlines strategies for different situations at different stages of life. Much of the focus of making super simpler is based on how to…

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16th Jun 2020  ·  4 minute read

types of Superannuation funds.

There are many super funds to choose from, so don't pick the first one you see. There's a fund out there that's just right for you. There are many types of super fund, each is a…

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16th Jun 2020  ·  2 minute read

To renovate or to upgrade – which is best?

Most of us will live in two or three family homes during our lives. You might find that over this time our needs change as does our capacity to meet those needs. So when the time…

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