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How can I cancel a direct debit on my account?

To cancel a direct debit on your account, you can contact either the biller or us. If you contact us we will be able to stop the debit. However, we suggest that you also notify the biller of the change.

How do I stop an incorrect direct debit being debited from my account?

If you believe a direct debit taken from your account was incorrect, you should contact the biller to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can provide us with the relevant information and we can contact them on your behalf. The Credit Union is not liable to compensate you for any errors made by the biller.

Can I deduct money from my pay to cover bills?

Yes, our Payroll Deduction Service takes the hassle out of paying bills.


Arrange transfers into any number of your Credit Union accounts, including loans. Automatically distribute your money between your accounts. We’re all about set and forget budgeting.

Do you have phone banking options?

Telephone banking gives you 24 hour access to your accounts from your phone. It’s a free service, which costs the price of a local call, regardless of where you’re calling from in Australia. Enjoy the perks like:

  • Access the balances of loans, savings and term deposit accounts
  • Transfer money between your accounts and other pre-nominated members’ accounts
  • Get your last 5 transactions (up to max 15 transactions)
  • Find out your interest earned last Financial Year
  • Change your access code
  • Pay your bills using BPAY®

How can I transfer between my accounts?

You can do this a number of ways:

  • Via internet banking;
  • Via our moneytree mobile banking app;
  • Over the phone on 13 22 49; or
  • In person at one of our branches.

How do I find out how much interest I’ve earned on my savings account?

You can view the interest you’ve earned on an account via your e-statement, through internet banking or on our moneytree mobile banking app. Your year end June statement will also show your annual interest earned for tax purposes.

How do I open a new account?

You can open a new account online, by calling us on 13 22 49 or by visiting one of our branches.

How do I set up a direct credit to one of my accounts?

You can set up a direct credit to one of your accounts through Internet Banking, giving us a call on 13 22 49, or by visiting one of our branches.

How do I set up a direct debit from one of my accounts?

Direct debits need to be set up via your external provider – simply provide them with our BSB and your account number to have funds deducted as per your agreement.

How long does a cheque take to clear?

Cheques usually take 3 business days to clear. This doesn’t include the initial day of the deposit, and any public holidays.

How long does a transfer to another financial institution take?

Transfers to other financial institutions usually take up to 3 days.

What ATM facilities can I use with my card for free?

Our members can easily avoid a $2.50 ATM operator fee by accessing one of the 10,000 ATM’s which provide ATM operator fee free withdrawals. To view a full list of banks with fee free ATMs visit www.ratecity.com.au/bank-accounts/news/banks-allow-free-atm-withdrawals

Plus, with PayWave, our Pays solutions (Google PayTM, Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Garmin PayTM and Fitbit PayTM), paying for everyday items is easier and fee free. Just note, some retailers might charge a fee for using their EFTPOS facilities.

What do I do if I want to close an account, or my membership?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but our staff can assist you with closing your account or membership.


Just submit a general enquiry online, call us on 13 22 49 or pop into one of our branches.

What is my BSB?

The Illawarra Credit Union BSB number for all accounts is 802 249.

What is the process to reclaim my funds for unclaimed money for accounts dormant for more than 7 years?

If an account is dormant for greater than 7 years, any unclaimed money (greater than $500) left in the account, is claimed by the Government. To claim this money back you must visit your local branch. Just bring along photo ID so we can re-identify you and we will request this money back from the Government.

This process will take a minimum of 10 days, after which you will need to revisit the branch to collect a cheque or, if you prefer, we can arrange to have the cheque sent to you.

Can I temporarily change my transfer limit myself outside of business hours?

Unfortunately not. However, we can easily temporarily increase your daily limit over the phone, by calling 13 22 49 or in person, by visiting one of our branches.

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