Can I change my internet banking password?

Yes. The system will require you to change your password the first time you use internet banking.


The login password will need to be a minimum of 8 characters long and contain 3 out of the following 4 formats:

  • At least one capital case character (A-Z).
  • At least one lower case character (a-z).
  • At least one number (0-9).
  • At least one special character out of the following (!#%*()-+=/) .

Don’t forget, passwords are case-sensitive.


You can change your password at any time. For your own security, we actually recommended you do so on a regular basis. To change your password, log into your account and search for “Change your password” under the “Personal” tab.


Please refer to the Conditions of Use for more information on security of your access code.

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