Security information + Tips for internet banking

Your banking safety is our priority. So, to ensure there’s no unauthorised access to your membership, we’ve put some measures in place:

  • Access will be locked after 3 incorrect attempts at logging into internet banking. After midnight on that day, your account will be automatically ‘unblocked’ and you will be able to gain access again by entering a correct password.
  • If you are logged-on to internet banking and haven’t used it for a period of 5 minutes, you will be automatically logged-off and will need to re-enter your member number and password to gain access.
  • The access code you’re issued on registration will only be valid for 24 hours, after this time has expired, you will need to register again.
  • Check your transaction history regularly to identify and report any suspicious activity as soon as possible, or any instances where internet banking has been used without your authority.
  • Check your last login details when you log into internet banking. These will appear on the introduction page each time you log in. Make sure you notify us immediately if the last login details are incorrect.
  • If your internet banking account becomes locked, you’ll need to contact us to request that your internet banking access be reinstated.

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