Changes to our Christmas account

Changes to our Christmas account

We're writing to you today to let you know that effective from 30 July 2021, we'll be making changes to our Christmas account.

We're making this available to all customers.
Back in 2015 we grandfathered our Christmas account, which meant the product was unavailable to all of our customers. Based on customer demand, we're now making this product available to all customers.

We're removing our tiering and changing our rate.

The tiers and rates on the Christmas account will be updated, so that balances up to $30k will receive 0.65% p.a. subject to all conditions being met. We will not pay any interest for amounts over $30k.

All other features and fees relating to the product will remain the same. To learn more about these, please view our fees and charges.

If you'd like to speak with a team member about the upcoming changes, complete our short form, and we'll be in touch.

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