Contactless payments increased to $200

In response to COVID-19, we’ve temporarily increased our contactless card PIN limits from $100 to $200, to help prevent transmissions.

From Wednesday 8 April 2020, customers will able to make contactless payments of up to $200, without a PIN, using their Illawarra Credit Union Visa Debit Card.

The change will be progressively rolled out by retailers, with major supermarkets expected to be the first to implement the change.

As always, the Credit Union will continue to monitor our customer accounts 24/7 and be in touch if we notice any suspicious activity.

We encourage our customers to continue to monitor their daily transactions using moneytree or internet banking. Customers can also set up customised alerts to help monitor daily transactions. If you notice any unauthorised transactions, lose or misplace your card, please contact us immediately on 13 22 49.

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