Notice of daily withdrawal limit increase

We are changing our withdrawals limits effective from Wednesday 30 December, and you will need to ensure you have your Visa Debit Card activated to take advantage of this change.

What are we changing?

We’re increasing the daily withdrawal limit from $1,000 to $2,000 for all of our customers, effective from Monday 1 February. The change will provide you with greater control of your money and will enable you to withdraw more of your funds via an ATM or Bank@Post when required.

Below you’ll find the breakdown of your withdrawal limits and current online transfer limits, which will remain as they are:

  Activity Current limits New limits effective from Wednesday 30 December
Cash withdrawal
ATM and Bank@Post $1,000 $2,000
Transfer – No changes
BPay debit (online) $5,000 $5,000
Pay anyone  (online) $5,000 $5,000
Osko (online / branch) $5,000 $5,000
Total daily online  limit (max) 7,000 7,000


If you’d like to change your limits at any time, please call us on 1300 132 249.

Need a Visa Debit Card?

Unlike a credit card, a Visa Debit card is linked to the funds available in your transaction account, and is a convenient way to access your funds. If you need an Illawarra Credit Union Visa Debit Card, give us a call 1300 132 249 or complete our short form and we’ll have the card posted to you.

Have a questions about our Visa Debit cards, take a look at our card FAQs here.


Your Visa Debit card enables you to make deposits and withdraw cash at Australia Post branches, through Bank@Post. It’s safe, secure and ensures that you can bank anywhere a Bank@Post is offered. Learn more about Bank@Post here.


If you increase your limit you may increase your liability in the case of unauthorised transactions. In consideration of the credit union agreeing to increase the limits for transfers to third parties I agree to a variation of the Electronic Access Facilities and ePayments Conditions of Use as follows: For any unauthorised transaction/s that the Credit Union can prove, on the balance of probabilities, arose through: my fraud: failure to keep my Online banking access codes secure: (a) for personal users, I agree that my liability for un-authorised transactions will be up to a maximum of my Pay Anyone and/or BPAY transfer limit for each day the unauthorised use occurred. (b) for Business users, I/we agree that I/we will be liable for ALL unauthorised use.


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