Changes to the way you receive international payments

We're transitioning away from SWIFT payments.
From 30 September 2021, our existing SWIFT payments solution will no longer be available to our customers. This change comes as we continue to enhance our online platforms to provide customers with greater control and security.

It's now easier to receive international payments through Convera.
We've partnered with Convera to provide our customers with a new way to receive international payments. The new solution will allow you to receive international payments with no processing fee, with funds being processed directly into your account. Plus the solution will see you receive your funds faster than our current Swift Payment System

What you'll need to do.
If you currently have a regular SWIFT payment coming through, you'll need to make the switch to Convera. Setting up the payment will take only a few minutes. You'll just need to complete an online form to set up your Inward Telegraphic Transfer via Convera. For the link details, visit

We're here to help
If you need assistance setting up your payment, please get in touch.

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