How to change your card pin

Forgotten your card pin?

These simple how to guides will show you how to update your pin in Internet banking and using our moneytree app.

Log into Internet Banking with your member number and password.

  1. Select ‘Accounts’ in the top navigation and click on ‘Card pin Change’;
  2. Select the VISA Card you wish to change the pin of from the drop down box;
  3. Enter in the desired PIN and Confirm it;
  4. Once entered you will be require to request a One Time Password (OTP);
  5. The OTP will be sent to your mobile phone, then enter the six-digit code into the provided box;
  6. Finally select the button that reads ‘Change PIN’.

Money Tree:

  1. Log into the moneytree app using your  passcode, pattern or Touch/Face ID;
  2. Select ‘Cards’ in the home navigation and click on ‘Change PIN’;
  3. Select the VISA Card you wish to update;
  4. Enter and confirm your desired PIN;
  5. Select continue;
  6. Press ‘ Send SMS code to XXXXXXX000 (your mobile number);
  7. Enter the six-digit code into field;
  8. Select continue;
  9. You have successfully updated your card pin.

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