How to check your balance

Balance check

Checking your balance is easy, you can check your balance using internet banking, moneytree app or phone banking.

  1. Log into internet banking.
  2. Your accounts will display on the home screen when you log in.
    For each of your accounts, two balances will show. ‘Available’ refers to the money you have access to, and can use to make purchases. It removes the balance of any pending transactions that are still being processed. ‘Current’ will display what is currently in your account – including pending transactions. Pending transactions can occur when you make a purchase but it doesn’t process straight away, meaning the funds are still technically in your bank account and waiting to be processed.
  • Log onto the moneytree app using your passcode, pattern or Touch/Face ID.
  • Select accounts
  • Both your available and current balance for all your accounts will be displayed.

Telephone banking gives you 24 hour access to your accounts from your phone. It’s a free service, which costs the price of a local call, regardless of where you’re calling from in Australia. To check your balance, call 1300 132 249. When prompted, press one to access phone banking services.

Here’s how to check your account balance using phone banking:

  1. Give us a call on 1300 132 249. When prompted, select 1 for phone banking.
  2. When directed, enter your member number, then press the star (*) button.
  3. Enter your access code, then press the star (*) button.
  4. To check your account balances, press one.

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