make a reoccurring payment

Setting up a reoccurring payment.

The below how to guides detail how to set up a reoccurring payment using Internet banking or our moneytree app.

Internet banking

Log into Internet Banking with your member number and password.

  1. Select ‘Accounts’ in the top navigation and select the type of payment you wish to make:
  2. Select an account from the ‘From’ drop down box;
  3. Either select an existing payee or add a new payee from the ‘To’ drop down box;
  4. Fill out the transfer details:
  5. Under the ‘when’ select the ‘reoccurring tab’;
  6. Determine the payment frequency and Start/End Date of the payment;
  7. Select ‘next’ then ‘submit’ to finalise the payment.

Money Tree

  1. Select ‘’Pay in the home navigation and click on ‘Pay anyone;
  2. Either select an existing payee or add a new payee using the ‘new’ button;
  3. Fill out the transfer details and select the account to pay from;
  4. Select ‘Recurring Payment’ tab;
  5. Select a payment start date;
  6. Select the payment frequency;
  7. Select an end date for the payment;
  8. Select ‘Pay’

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