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We use cookie to specialise on our website to provide our customers with a better experience and tailor
content for you.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies gather and store information about how you use a website.

Each time you visit our website on your device, the cookie will recognise you and allow us to provide you with a more meaningful experience.

Each time you visit the website after, the saved cookie is updated automatically. We do not record any information that can be personally identifiable. But we may record information such as the browser that you are using, the time you accessed our website, and what links you clicked on for the duration of your visit.

How we use cookies to collect information.

Illawarra Credit Union collects information depending on how you interact with our website. If you fill out an online form, for example an online application, the credit union will collect and store this information in accordance with the Illawarra Credit Union policy.

We also use cookies to collect information directly from you about how you use our website.

What do we use cookies for?

Cookies help us personalise and improve your experience by:

  • Helping us to remember you the next time you visit our website;
  • Helping us to identify products and service that may be of interest and value to you;
  • Improving our website pages, by making them faster or more efficient; and
  • Remembering your preferences and providing you with a more personalised experience the next time
    that you visit our website.

They allow us to more effectively measure and analyse our website performance for the benefit of our customers by:

  • Providing insights into a user’s location so we can provide a specific information or products suited to
    your needs.

Illawarra Credit Union uses the data collected from the cookies to analyse the sources of traffic, links that have been clicked on and pages visited. We may use this data to:

  • Personalise content
  • Provide information on new offers

We do not send any data that can be personally identifiable to third parties. All data is stored and used in
accordance with the Illawarra Credit Union privacy policy.

How to manage and delete cookies?

Cookies are supported by most web browsers, but you can choose to change your browser cookie settings, you can also configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies. If you do choose to block the use of the cookies, your experience on the Illawarra Credit Union website may be limited.

To change your web browser preferences:

Google Chrome:

Open your Chrome browser > go to Customise and Control Google Chrome > Settings > Main Menu >
Advanced > Privacy and Security > Content Settings > Cookies. Then you can choose your settings.

For more instructions visit how to adjust cookie settings on mobile devices.


Go to Settings > Safari > Preferences > Privacy. Then you can choose your settings.

For more information, including on mobile visit how to adjust cookie settings on Apple devices.

Internet Explorer:

Open the browser > select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced. Then you can choose your settings.

For more information visit Microsoft Support.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open Firefox > select Tools > Options > Privacy >Cookies. You can then choose your settings.

For more information visit Mozilla support.

Data privacy

Illawarra Credit Union uses all precautions to ensure that the data we collect through the Illawarra Credit Union website is kept secure from unauthorised access, misuse or loss.

Illawarra Credit Union may have links to external websites. These links are provided for your benefit. Please be aware that these external websites may not have the same data security policies.

Acceptance of this website policy.

By using the Illawarra Credit Union website you agree that you have read this website policy and where relevant the Credit Union’s privacy policy.

Changes to this policy are published on the Illawarra Credit Union website. This is the current policy and supersede any version that may have published on the Illawarra Credit Union website.

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