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Become a Wildlife Saver

with Illawarra Credit Union

& Symbio Wildlife Park

Do you want to save money and help protect endangered animals?

Being a Wildlife Saver is special, as you’ll get the opportunity to save money for your future and help the animals and the environment.

Illawarra Credit Union has teamed up with Symbio Wildlife Park to make it happen. For every $1 deposited into a Wildlife Saver Account, 1c will be donated by the Illawarra Credit Union to Symbio for projects that protect our natural environment and the animals that live within it.

To date over $160,000 has been contributed to Symbio Wildlife Park’s conservation projects, including the arrival of two Red Pandas, more recently the Sumatran Tigers and several breeding programs at Symbio Wildlife Park.

How does it work?

Open a Wildlife Saver account with Illawarra Credit Union.

Accounts can be opened for children aged up to 14 years old with parents/grandparents and/or guardians having the option to open in trust for a child.

Make at least one deposit and no withdrawals each month into your Wildlife Saver account.

A bonus interest rate of 2.25% p.a. will be awarded which will help you reach your savings goal faster.

Illawarra Credit Union will donate 1c in every $1 of all new deposits to Symbio Wildlife Park projects.

These projects help to protect endangered animals and the environment, including animals like the Red Panda, Tassie Devil and Sumatran Tigers.

Symbio Wildlife Park

Established in 1975, Symbio Wildlife Park located is home to over 1000 animals including Sumatran Tigers, Red Pandas, Kangaroos, Koalas, Meerkats, and many more. Visit Symbio and spend the day getting up close and personal with the animals by feeding the Kangaroos, getting a photo with a cuddly Koala, and checking out one of the many daily demonstration shows. There are also picnic facilities, swimming pools and a Kiosk available.
Check out Symbio Wildlife Park’s animals on their Facebook page.
Symbio Wildlife Park is located in Helensburgh, south of Sydney.
For more information on Symbio Wildlife Park, visit their website or check them out on Facebook today!

Wildlife Saver Account

The Wildlife Saver account is a savings account just for kids, designed to help develop regular savings habits and a positive attitude towards caring for endangered animals and their natural habitats.

Account Features:
– No monthly account keeping fees
– No minimum deposit or withdrawals
– Bonus interest for saving1
– Access internet/telephone banking#
What’s in it for the kids:
– An Illawarra Credit Union eco-friendly pencil case
– Bamboo stationary
– A Wildlife Warrior temporary tattoo
– A Wildlife Saver lanyard with a FREE Symbio Wildlife entry pass*

Apply online for a Wildlife Saver Account here.


Meet the animals at Symbio Wildlife Park

The Red Panda is native to China and was first discovered in 1821, 48 years before Giant Pandas. Make sure you check them out next time you visit Symbio!

Sumatran Tigers are extremely fast swimmers. They have webbed toes which make them naturals in the water.

A baby Koala is called a Joey. When a Joey is born it is the size of a jelly bean and makes its way to its mother’s pouch where it keeps growing and developing for another seven months.

The Tasmanian Devil is a marsupial. Female marsupial animals have pouches in which they carry their young. The pouch helps the Tasmanian Devil mother to feed and protect newly born Devils.

Important notes

Wildlife Saver Account is issued by Illawarra Credit Union, a division of Community Alliance Credit Union Limited, AFSL 245 576. This advice does not take into account your individual needs or circumstances. You should consider whether this product is suitable for your needs and circumstances and refer to the Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use and the Fees, Charges and Transaction Limits brochure for current details.

1.Earn bonus interest if you make at least one deposit during the calendar month and make no withdrawals within the calendar month. No interest is paid in the month the account is closed. Interest Rates current as at 22/05/2017 and are subject to change.

#Some restrictions apply

*Condition of entry apply

®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518